wajima 輪島塗

Wajima lacquerware has many special features. First of all, the wooden base of each piece is reinforced by coating it with a cloth soaked in a mixture of raw lacquer and rice glue. Moreover, it has durability created by many layers of a base of blended raw lacquer, rice glue and fired diatomous earth. These technical characteristics combine with the beauty of the designs, be they relief engravings (maki-e), inlaid gold and silver leaf (chinkin), or inlaid mother-of-pearl (raden). You are sure to be impressed by the traditional skills of the Wajima lacquerware artisans, which have been handed down through the generations since the middle of the Muromachi period.


Our Wajima lacquerware collection is exhibited in the Urushi-lacquer Room .


Traditional crafts now on display