mastercraftsman 名匠

Here you can view the works of traditional-craft master craftsmen from Ishikawa Prefecture, including Living National Treasures and Japan Art Academy award-winners.
In this building there are Chinese gongs by Iraku Uozumi, Kutani ware by Tojiro Kitade, Kaga yuzen by Kenji Maida, and Ohi pottery by Toshio Ohi.


Introduction of the artists


大樋長左衛門(年雄)〈大樋焼〉Chouzaemon Ohi (Ohi Pottery)

The eldest son of the 10th generation Ohi Chozaemon.
Awarded the Prime Minister Prize (highest prize) at the Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition (2015). Mr. Ohi is also active in the field of design.

毎田 健治〈加賀友禅〉

毎田 健治〈加賀友禅〉Kenji Maida (Kaga Yuzen)

A Kaga yuzen artist who is continuing a tradition that began in the Edo period.
His works are highly regarded for their beautiful colors and flowing designs. By finding new ways to integrate kimonos and modern culture, he is introducing a new type of Japanese traditional beauty.

Traditional crafts now on display