accessory アクセサリー

Here you will find one-of-a-kind pieces by artists who have been carefully selected by Kuniko Asano, the gallery owner. These include accessories and decorative items adorned with maki-e and raden decoration. We have a great variety of modern-design items made with the traditional techniques of Ishikawa Prefecture, using natural materials such as amber, natural stones and glass. You will find these collector’s items easy to coordinate with modern fashions. Please enjoy making unique discoveries in our gallery.


Our Accessory collection is exhibited in the Storehouse.


Introduction of the artists


針谷絹代Kinuyo Hariya

These accessories are made of natural materials such as wood, white mother of pearl shell, black mother of pearl shell and amber, and decorated using the traditional maki-e technique. Hariya creates her pieces in such a way that lacquer can be an integral part of everyday life.

御前 智子

御前 智子Tomoko Misaki

This artist makes tea ceremony implements, accessories and other items using inlay and maki-e techniques. The subtlety of the techniques of a female artist produce a special kind of beauty.

大下 香征

大下 香征Kosei Oshita

Oshita Kosen Studio has been producing maki-e crafts for 120 years. Oshita goes beyond the bounds of tradition to create modern maki-e jewelry. His accessories are easy to incorporate into a modern lifestyle.

寺島 絵里子

寺島 絵里子Eriko Terashima

Many layers of lacquer are carefully applied to wood such as Japanese cypress to create beautiful, shiny, vermillion and black surfaces. These original pieces have gone through many careful processes: wood-turning, reinforcement, lacquer application, decoration, and polishing.

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